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About my LJ: I'm not posting new updates here. You can find my blog at All my old entries from here have been migrated there, so if there's something from the archives that you'd like to comment about, it's still possible to do it there. There's also a search feature there, very handy if you're looking for something specific. I have truly enjoyed my LJ home and will continue to read my friends' list. It was just time for a change.

Thank you to everyone I've met through LJ. I've appreciated getting to know you and hope you'll follow me to the blog.

About my work: I write fiction. My Timothy James Beck writing partners and I wrote IT HAD TO BE YOU, HE'S THE ONE, I'M YOUR MAN, SOMEONE LIKE YOU, and WHEN YOU DON'T SEE ME (all from Kensington).

My writing partner Timothy J. Lambert and I wrote THE DEAL, published by Alyson in 2004, and THREE FORTUNES IN ONE COOKIE (under the name Cochrane Lambert, from Alyson, 2005).

Timothy and I also edited a collection of romantic stories from some brilliant veteran and new writers, FOOL FOR LOVE: NEW GAY FICTION. The anthology came out in February 2009 just in time for Valentine's Day. It doesn't matter if you're gay or straight, these stories are for every reader.

Our second anthology, Foolish Hearts: New Gay Fiction will be released by Cleis Press in January 2014, and the third, Best Gay Romance 2014, also from Cleis Press, will be released in February 2014.

My novel A COVENTRY CHRISTMAS, a contemporary romance, was released in October 2006. My second solo effort, A COVENTRY WEDDING, was released in January 2009. Both books are from Zebra.

About my life: I live on The Compound with my mellow husband and two quirky dogs--Margot and Guinness--who run the place. Also located on The Compound is the residence of Timothy J. Lambert and his dogs Pixie P. Lambert, Penny D. Lambert, and Pollock "Lil Guy" Lambert, as well as the occasional foster dog from Rescued Pets Movement.
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