Address change

For anyone who uses our author/business post office box address, it has changed.

The new one is:

P.O. Box 924104
Houston, TX 77292


Little Bit of Housekeeping

Even though I don't blog here anymore, I still read my LJ friends who continue to find this a good place to update and journal. The communities have shrunk through the years since I started here (that'll be ten years in December!), but I'm grateful some of you continue. I feel like we've invested in one another after a decade!

I came to update my sidebar with the two new anthologies Timothy J. Lambert and I edited this year, and to change the banner, even though I'm not sure anyone still finds me here. You can always read what's going on and comment at the blog on my website!

Soft hello

I just realized it was November 27 of 2012 when I last posted here to remind you that even though I still read and comment on your LJs, I blog here on my own website now. Some of you visit there, and I appreciate it. Everyone's always welcome to read and comment there.

Hi, y'all

Even though I don't post to LJ anymore (because I do that here now), I wanted to say again that I'm still reading my LJ friends and probably not commenting as often as I should. I know that many of you have faced challenges this year. I hope as 2012 draws to a close, you find much to be grateful for and can look forward to a terrific 2013.

I'm grateful for you.


Earlier today while I was preparing my breakfast, I suddenly remembered that in every house of my childhood--and there were many, thank you United States Army--we always chose the inside of one cabinet door to put all our Chiquita Banana stickers. I don't know who started that, although it was as likely to be my mother as my brother, even though she was the one who'd eventually have to scrape all of them off when it was time to move again.

Do other people do that?

State of The Compound Greenery

I believe that inhaling paint fumes and shedding tears for a couple of hours each day over Sally Field has befogged my brain. The trellis next to my porch is climbed by both Confederate and Carolina jasmine. The Carolina--yellow--blooms a couple of times annually and has done well in spite of recent years' winter and summer droughts and our few hard freezes. However, the Confederate jasmine hasn't bloomed for two or more years, and I was beginning to think the Carolina vines had overtaken it as surely as Sherman overtook Georgia.

Today as I was wandering around the yard--in my nightgown, of course, a sure way to draw traffic down our street because heaven forfend I not make a fool of myself--I wouldn't have even noticed the trellis had it not been for that heavenly scent. The South has risen again.

Vines heavy with Confederate jasmine.

A closer look. Wish you could smell it.

Also thanks to the aroma, I noticed my mother's amaryllis tucked into the corner of that bed. I don't believe it's bloomed since the year she died, but it looks like nature has helped it bounce back. I'm not catching it at its prettiest, but I'll watch it in case better photo ops come my way.

Nora Walker's got nothing on me.