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Saturday in the hood with Mark

May 18th, 2008 (03:00 pm)

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Saturday, Mark G. Harris asked if I had some fingernail clippers he could use. That led to a discussion of manicures and pedicures. I never get manicures because I began keeping my nails cut as short as possible back when I was still seeing clients. Even though that's not a concern anymore since I "retired" (Lindsey's word), I've found that letting my fingernails grow even a little creeps me out.

Pedicures, however, are a treat I allow myself whenever I'm feeling stressed, when I'm traveling, or when we have a booksigning. However, MGH wouldn't even consider a pedicure (he apparently has foot-esteem issues), so I offered to take him for a manicure. The place I usually go has no bells and whistles--it's very basic--but MGH said that would be fine with him.

We forgot to take before and after photos, but we got several of the process. Mark kept making his nail tech giggle because he wouldn't relax.

You're soaking in it.

Getting buffed.

I was SUPPOSED to treat Mark to this, but when it was time to pay, he whipped out his wallet and took care of it. An Aries does not like to be thwarted, but after a minute, I had a solution. I remembered Mark telling me about a day he sat on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum and people-watched while drinking:

I couldn't offer him a classy Manhattan locale, but I did get him wired up on caffeine while we talked about writing and back stories and Pomeranians in need of a little hygiene. A few times we scooted closer under our umbrella because we felt raindrops, but it was a lovely way to while away an afternoon. Especially when we saw:

You can see a bit of the Houston skyline near the bottom right corner.

MGH liked this one with more construction machinery in it. I think that's because he worried that I was feminizing him with all this manicure/mocha frappuccino/rainbow stuff. Which is just crazy, because we all know this is how MGH usually looks:

That's hot.


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