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Now, seriously...

July 17th, 2008 (02:13 pm)
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...have you ever seen such sweetness? In this photo taken today, do either of these two look like the kind of dog who would, yesterday when I left my office for a single minute, use my chair to get all four legs on my desk in a quest for a small order of french fries Tim had placed atop my printer as a surprise for me? Would either of these two angels in fur coats dance around until things on my desk went flying into hard-to-reach places? Can you envision either of them being so startled when I came in and yelled that she would kick off a full Coke so that liquid was running down the walls, everything on the floor was coated in a sticky mess, and drops would be flung as high as four bookshelves, saturating one book, splattering several others, along with mail and Mattel Top Model dolls and my day planner and my shoes and...

If you had to pick the guilty culprit, would it be Margot (on the left) or Guinness (on the right)? Tim, Tom, and Lynne are disqualified from answering.


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