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July 25th, 2008 (04:37 pm)

current mood: worried

Overheard in the workroom:

Summer: Satin is my favorite fabric.
Becks: Satin's not a fabric, it's a weave.
Summer: Like Figaro's hair?
Becks: You could weave Figaro's hair into satin. You can also weave satin from silk or wool--
Summer: No wool. Wool makes me itch. That's not wool satin, is it? I'll start scratching on the runway.
Becks: (eyeshift) So what do you want in a design?
Summer: Elegance. Sophistication.
Becks: Who do those words call to mind? Who did you think of when you picked these fabrics?
Summer: Grace Kelly. I love Grace Kelly.
Becks: (mutters) Because raffia just screams Grace Kelly...

I'm concerned.


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