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LJ Runway Monday Challenge, Week 2

July 28th, 2008 (03:23 am)

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(I can do that, too, Mark G. Harris.)

This week on Bravo, the Project Runway designers were challenged to design a cocktail dress with their models as their clients. Their task was to use green textiles; that is, textiles that are environmentally responsible: no synthetics, no poisonous dyes and that, when appropriate, were organically-grown. The other part of the challenge was that the models, not the designers, went to Mood to pick out the fabrics. EEK!

If you think the PR designers were a little freaked, imagine the reactions of the Runway Monday designers, Mark G. Harris, Teej, and me--our models are made of PLASTIC. What do they know about green?

My fears seemed justified when Summer presented me with:

dark green satin and a bundle of raffia ribbon. RAFFIA?

I could have thrown the raffia in the trash, but since Summer picked it and I was designing for her, I simply considered it another part of my challenge. I envisioned her attending a Manhattan cocktail party hosted by Al "King of Green" Gore and his wife, Tipper, to honor several dignitaries from Madagascar, the Philippines, Cameroon, and Nigeria, where the raffia palm grows and is an important part of the countries' cultures.

When Summer mentioned Grace Kelly as one of her fashion icons, I knew immediately how I wanted to dress her. Her instinct about fabric color that would contrast with yet complement her hair and skin was good. My design evokes 1940s understated glamor with its scooped neck, cap sleeves, and peplum waist over a three-paneled pencil skirt. Using the organic raffia ribbon--with a little drama in the back--to cinch the waist and to accent Summer's shoes brings the design a twenty-first century global sensibility.

A small slit up the back seam of the skirt allows Summer to walk comfortably.

A playful effect with the raffia keeps the belting from blandness.

A clutch purse in the same fabric doesn't distract from the dress and has a raffia catch.

Summer's cocktail dress is proof that it IS easy being green.

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