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Frankly, my dear...

July 31st, 2008 (03:14 pm)

current mood: listless

I'm going on record that Lipton Iced Tea To Go Peach does NOT have the deliciousness of Crystal Light On The Go Peach Tea. You've been warned.

Lately I've displayed a tendency to neglect stuff. As an Aries, I'm impulsive and can greatly enjoy being spontaneous, but in my daily life, I'm a creature of habit. I work best when I follow a routine. Probably anyone who works in a home office will tell you that it requires a lot of self-imposed discipline, and I'm usually good about that. Lately: not so much. I've got this litany in my head running on a loop: get to bed earlier, go to the gym, do something about those five months of untouched bank statements, pay bills, go to the grocery store, cook, finish reading that manuscript, do the outline for that novel, start moving on a TJB project, get caught up on local politics, do something about The Compound grounds...there are more, but you've already skipped to the next paragraph.

I can't blame the usual suspects for my lethargy. I still don't watch TV (six hours weekly hardly put me in anybody's target audience when one of them is the soap I watch during dinner and the other is Project Runway). I'm not reading blogs all day. I am reading a ton of books, but I always do. I don't have a madly active social life. I'm not on the phone. The only unusual thing I'm doing is designing a Barbie outfit for a few hours a week for LJ Runway Monday.

So what is the reason for all these idle hours? Possibilities: The heat. The fact that there's so much unfinished or undone that it's daunting. Mourning. The missing camera. The inevitable reaction to a year of pressing demands and responsibilities that are no longer there. But mostly, I just don't give a damn.

That's so unlike me.


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