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I couldn't agree more, and so what?

August 8th, 2008 (01:44 pm)
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Someone I don't know who also obviously doesn't know me sent me a little message, the gist of which was:

Don't you think all this doll stuff is kind of silly and a waste of your time?

Yes, I absolutely think it's silly! And I think being silly is often one of the best ways any of us can use our time. Being silly (after a year of coping with stress, physical pain, losses, writing a novel and working with Tim to find a home for our anthology on behalf of some superb writers, and dealing with enough changes and responsibilities to turn me into the She Bitch of the World on more than one occasion) is just what the doctor ordered. I mean, SERIOUSLY just what FOUR doctors ordered--and not one of them was a psychiatrist. Being silly with my friends may be what keeps me OUT of therapy.

My advice to anyone, including you, Person I Do Not Know, is to put more silliness into your life--and I won't even charge you $.05 for this. The war, the economy, the cruelties and failings of humanity--I can't fix these things. That admission reminds me of a day when I couldn't see my mother because my back pain was so bad, and Tom did errands for her. As he was leaving her apartment, for no apparent reason, she said, "Tell Becky to stop trying to save the world." Even with Alzheimer's, she had wisdom and knew me so well.

While I'm being silly with dolls, I'm still taking care of my home and my work--not that it's any of your business. And if you are creative at all, you already know that any process of creation relaxes and opens your mind to more creativity. I don't sew worth a damn, quite frankly, and perhaps the reason I keep stabbing myself with needles while I'm trying is because my mind is preoccupied with ideas for what I will write next--and as fun as writing can be, I do take its process quite seriously--I just don't take myself seriously. It's an important distinction.

A few nights ago, another wise person, while shaking her head with a smile about the Runway Monday goings-on, generously said, "If more people were at home doing what you guys are doing, I'd have less work to do." She educates people about hate in our society.

In fact, all the people in my life, whatever their own cares and concerns, do much to heal the world with their time, their art, their energy, their work--and with their silliness. I couldn't be more grateful to know and be inspired by them.


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