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A little message from Summer

August 26th, 2008 (12:14 am)

Hi--Summer here! Just wanted to let you know that Becks won the Drag Queen challenge with the design she did for Spirella Balzac. You can read the judges' final comments on Heidi Gunn's LJ. Becks would like to thank judges Miranda Priestly, Michelle Hors, and guest judge Gary, as well as producer/mentor Heidi Gunn, for their rigorous critiques.

She also thanks her fellow designers, timothyjlambert and markgharris, because she knows this ended up being a bitch of a challenge to do.

I'm glad this is over, so now she can get back to designing for me. Oh, and be warned that Mark G. Harris's model, Fauxgaro, is now impersonating me. Apparently she hasn't figured out that the only successful conclusion to any summer is fall--and she's heading for one.

See you on the runway!


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