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My First Two Great Loves

August 30th, 2008 (09:38 pm)
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I didn't intend to do another post today, but I've been looking through the photos I took over the past week, and I'm starting to see things I didn't notice before.

I just took this photo of a silver locket.

It belonged to my mother. I wore it on the day of her memorial service because of the two pictures inside it.

Those are my oldest two nephews, Daniel and Josh, when they were babies (they are cousins, not brothers). They have been the source of nothing but joy to me for most of my life. I rocked them as babies. Played with them as kids. Treasured them as teens. Watched them grow into amazing young men and start families of their own.

During the service, I found my gaze returning to the two of them over and over again. My heart always leaps with joy when I see them for the first time, and thereafter it overflows with love every second I get to spend with them. It's better than being a parent, because I never had to worry about them or teach them or discipline them. Much like my mother, their grandmother, I just got to enjoy them.

As I said, I was looking through photos, and there is one of me with the two of them. I know that I'm drawing strength and happiness from their presence, as always.

Then I began to giggle when I saw what one of them did. Is it the one who looks serious and beyond all that? Or is it the one fighting his smile?

Josh, Becky, Daniel

When the two of them were saying their goodbyes to each other, Josh said, "Well, see you in another twenty years." And Daniel glanced over at his Aunt Debby and me with a speculative expression and said, "Maybe only fifteen."


How I love them.


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