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So now we wait

September 11th, 2008 (05:41 pm)

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We have plenty of water. We'll fill our bathtubs with water tomorrow in case we lose power so we can flush our toilets. We have food and a way to cook it in case we lose power, and dog food. We have batteries for our radios. We won't have a battery-powered lantern or a hurricane lamp, because there are no lanterns to be found and there is no oil to be found for Tim's lamp. Our cars are fully gassed, but we won't be evacuating. We just hope the wind and the flooding don't come or aren't too bad.

Mark G. Harris is here, so I guess Hurricane Ike is doing all this in his honor. Welcome back to Houston, Mark! Mark, Tim, and I will be sewing our Runway Monday designs by candlelight if we have to. No doubt Tom will read aloud to us and all the dogs from something like Dickens or Thackeray. Just like the first hurricane!

Meanwhile, all day long, two things have dominated my thoughts. The first is that I don't have to worry about my mother's situation should things get bad. She was always our first concern, and I send out all good thoughts for the elderly and those caring for the elderly during storm preparations.

The second... Well, no matter what's going on here with Ike, I'll never forget the day my beautiful great-nephew Steven was born in 2001 while the country watched events unfold in D.C., NYC, and Pennsylvania. We still continue to heal.


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