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And more waiting...

September 12th, 2008 (01:48 pm)

current mood: contemplative

I'm going to get back to sewing now. Everything we can do is done. Lynne assures me that all is ready out at Green Acres. (Hard not to remember how it was our refuge during Hurricane Rita--so much has changed since then.) Denece assures me that all is well out at the Democrats' Den. (I forgot to tell her a crazy dream I had about being at her house--I'll save that for our next conversation.) All is well at RubinSmo Manor with The Brides and Sugar.

Here at The Compound, the sun just began to shine again after the sky had been overcast for a couple of hours. We've had some breezes, but the wind hasn't reached us yet. Windows are taped here and at the TimLair. We're filling up our tubs now. Batteries are in the radios and flashlights.

I promise, I'll update as I can. For now, you should know that the first hideous sign of Hurricane Ike has arrived. He's sent out his flying sock monkeys, and they are devouring me from the feet up. SCARY!


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