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I surrender

September 22nd, 2008 (05:14 pm)

current mood: frustrated

For days, I've been searching for the notes that would enable me to put together an outline and proposal for a third Coventry novel. Normally, losing such notes would not be a big deal, because everything would be in my mental filing cabinet. But throughout the last year of upheaval, loss, and physical pain (often requiring drugs that impacted my reasoning and memory skills), I found that I had to write stuff down as I was thinking it because I couldn't sustain a long-running inner dialogue about anything.

I recall the general details of my plot. What I'm really most frustrated about losing is my character names. Each of them was chosen deliberately to help me remember key physical and emotional traits about them. I also had a very detailed timeline set up based on a lot of research.

It's maddening to start from scratch, but it's all I can do.


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