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A Starbucks miracle

September 22nd, 2008 (06:27 pm)

current mood: cheerful

I don't actually have a Starbucks in hand, but I was thinking about Starbucks when suddenly one of my most elusive character names popped into my head. It has NOTHING to do with Starbucks, so I don't know why it did. Nonetheless, yay, Starbucks.

There was a lot--a LOT--of sawdust in the yard after the Sawing of the Tree. Tom left me a note this morning suggesting that the leaf blower would be a good way to clean up the yard, and he'd do it when he got home, unless someone else wanted to play with the leaf blower. (It's fun! Lightweight and electric, so not as noisy as some of them--it sounds more like a powerful hair dryer.) I got it out of the garage today and cleaned up behind the house a little, then Tim emerged from the TimLair and said he'd do the front lawn. He worked like a demon cleaning up leaves, tree debris, and sawdust, tending to broken plants, sawing off partially broken limbs on the other trees, and watering. I went outside to sit with EZ and take in how refreshing it all looked, and Tim pointed out two visitors in the bougainvillea, Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal. The mister was getting a nice shower from the sprinkler and grooming himself. I'd actually seen him for a second this morning on my neighbor's tree, but this time they were both back in my yard where they belong. It made me happy.


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