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The insanity intensifies

September 25th, 2008 (02:12 pm)

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ETA WARNING: There are "Survivor" spoilers in this post's comments.

No, I'm not talking about politics. I can't read or discuss the news right now without fighting the compulsion to hyperventilate and stock the shelves with canned goods.

As you so often have heard me boast, I don't watch much TV. We record our soap each day and watch it during dinner if nothing else is going on, or catch up on the weekends if the week is busy. I watch Project Runway because even though I know squat about fashion, I love to see creative people at work and try to get inside their heads.

On occasion, I have slipped into a glassy-eyed (but fascinated) state when an America's Next Top Model marathon is on. It's that damn Tyra Banks, I think. She is (brace yourself for this most overused word) fierce. Aside: Is "fierce" the word that finally knocked out "fabulous?" If we use "fierce" and "hunker down" in the same sentence, do we know we're finally as on our way out as a Britney Spears husband?

So when Tim asked if I wanted to watch an actual first-run season of America's Next Top Model, I nodded with enthusiasm. And we've missed it twice, so all hail the ability to watch episodes online. It didn't occur to me that it was SEPTEMBER, and September means Survivor. Which starts tonight. So now I'll be watching eight hours of television a week. That's a WORKDAY of television.

Who am I?


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