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September 30th, 2008 (06:34 pm)

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For all those who have berated me over the years because I never saw The Princess Bride, you can now relax. I watched it with The Brides, Tim, and Tom when Mark was here. Yes, I liked it. No, I can't quote large chunks of it yet. But at least I've seen it.

Speaking of quoting large chunks of movie dialogue, Tim and I rented Zoolander last night so I could see it (he'd seen it already). Now I know what people are talking about when they quote from it while talking about Runway Monday.

Last March, among my birthday gifts, was a book from The Brides, A Guide to Quality, Taste & Style, written by Tim Gunn with Kate Moloney. Now that I've finally had time to read it, I see that I should have read it BEFORE I embarked on Runway Monday. I'm glad Tim Gunn isn't one of the judges.


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