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October 6th, 2008 (06:08 pm)

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Tuesday is Jess's birthday--happy birthday, Jess! Since Tim is housesitting and Tom was dead on his feet after hours of clearing a second round of tree debris left by clean-up crews, I represented The Compound at Green Acres (where I was HIDEOUSLY and UNJUSTLY denied a win at cards, by the way) on Sunday.

While I know Jess is grateful for every gift, good wish, and loving friend who came to his party, I'm pretty sure he'd agree that the two best gifts of his life so far are pictured right here:

Lila and Laura.

Minute thinks Lila is pretty special, too.

I suspect it won't be long before Lila can give us a Lucy Van Pelt-like,
"Blech! Dog germs!"


If you own any of the books in the opposite side bar and would like them signed, mail them to:
P.O. Box 924104
Houston, TX 77292
Please include three dollars for return postage. Thank you.

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