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Runway Monday results

October 7th, 2008 (01:48 am)

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Summer, no doubt annoyed that I previously won with Nikki as my model, did her best for me this week--and we won! You can read what the judges had to say about each of the designs here.

Thank you to my fellow designers, Timothy and Mark, who did great jobs for:

Nikki and Figaro .

Thanks also to the judges for giving their time and consideration to the designs, and to Heidi Gunn for producing us.

Bravo's Project Runway designers are now into their final collection phase, with no more weekly challenges. That means the challenge the Runway Monday designers just completed is also our last regular challenge. I'm not sure what goodies we'll have in store for you on Monday, October 13--workroom drama? an unexpected curve thrown at us by Heidi Gunn because of something that happens on the show? a model meltdown or two?--but we'll have our final collections ready for the judges'--and your--consideration on Monday, October 20.

Thanks for following along while we did this. It was done in fun, but it was surprisingly hard work--at least for me--to conceive of a design each week then try to make it--since I don't know much about fashion and I don't know how to sew! The most fun has been hearing from people--friends and strangers--who I never expected would be so amused and eager to see our designs each week.

Ultimately, I think it's the magic of Barbie. Whoever designed these dolls for Mattel really did create models in Summer, Nikki, and Teresa (aka Figaro). I hope they'd be amused to see that their dolls are getting to model original designs. I also hope they don't file a cease and desist against Mark for Figaro.


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