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October 13th, 2008 (12:57 pm)

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Sunday I had my MTM Barbie post to prepare, and it was great going into downtown Houston. There was little evidence of the damage done by Hurricane Ike; that may be because I couldn't really look around since I was driving. I did see downed trees piled under overpasses, cut and waiting to be picked up, like this:

Houston lost thousands of trees (including more than 3500 in city parks and golf courses), but Tim made me aware of a program the city has already planned called Million Trees . Trees are a vital part of keeping an urban area healthy, because as Mayor Bill White said, "[T]hey absorb carbon dioxide, aid in flood prevention, provide shade and serve as buffers against violent winds." Such planting efforts have made positive changes in other cities including Chicago, LA, and NYC.

In addition to the trees the city intends to plant, the mayor is encouraging Houstonians to plant trees privately. Another suggestion is for people and businesses to honor friends, family members, and employees by giving trees as "gifts." How lovely to know that someone is planting a tree in your honor that will be around to provide shelter, shade, and beauty even after you're gone!

As a treat after my outing yesterday, I stopped at Starbucks so I could read while enjoying my usual mocha frappuccino. In one of those happy coincidences, I met a couple who has fostered dogs through Scout's Honor Rescue, Inc., the organization who brought EZ into our lives. The couple (whose names I never asked for!) talked about some of the dogs they've fostered (and adopted), and it gave me hope that one day, EZ will find the perfect forever home. She's such a delightful dog that it'll be hard to let her go, but I know she needs to be an only dog with someone who can lavish her with time and love.

Although I failed to get my fellow Starbucks patrons' names, I DO know the name of their three-and-a-half-month-old puppy:

Dylan, a Rhodesian ridgeback. Look at those paws!
He'll be about a hundred pounds when he reaches adulthood.

A photo Lindsey took of EZ pretending to be languishing in jail.
Don't let her fool you. She's a happy girl.
You can check out her information here.


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