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Do you smell something?

November 5th, 2008 (03:29 pm)

current mood: relieved

I rarely use the middle burner on my stove. Last night, probably a couple of hours after we ate dinner, Tom was walking toward the kitchen and I said, "I keep thinking I smell gas. Could you check the stove?" Apparently, when I thought I turned the burner off, I really only turned it all the way down. The flame went out, but the gas kept going.

I went to Tim's later to watch a movie. When I came home, Tom and the dogs were sleeping. At least I hoped that was just sleep, because the gas smell was still ridiculously strong. I opened all the windows and within a few minutes, the smell was finally gone.

Good thing No. 1: I didn't blow up my house.
Good thing No. 2: Tom and the dogs seem fine today.
Good thing No. 3: The AC is still off, and wonderful breezes have been blowing through my house since last night.


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