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Button Sunday

November 9th, 2008 (03:02 am)

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Using certain tags, I've gone through four years of LJ archives to fix bad photo links. I know this doesn't matter to anyone other than me, but when one of my reasons for keeping a LJ is to publish photos, it's kind of ridiculous to think of people ever meandering through my archives only to see "This photo is no longer available."

Please, if any of you ever stumble over a missing photo or dead link, let me know. I try to keep this place always at the ready for that moment when one of you wakes in the middle of the night--or the middle of the day for some of you--and MUST FIND THAT PHOTO OF THE KENS WITH BAD HAIR. How tragic if you should be denied seeing it. Not that I remember seeing it when I was fixing things. It could be missing for all I know. My brain is fried from looking at old posts, and what I want to know is, WHY are you people reading this thing? Has anyone ever been more random and unfocused and needlessly verbose than I am?

I figure you're here for the man and dog photos. So from the true archives--the ones from the shelves in the study--here's a shot from April of 1999, when Stevie became the first of The Compound dogs to adore Tim. Whenever he was here, she was all his.


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