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Green, green grass of home

November 10th, 2008 (12:14 pm)

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Y'all probably remember this pre-election photo and EZ worrying about whether Tim's grass would grow in our barren, post-Ike-treeless patch of The Compound grounds:

Last night, a few of us were sitting on the front porch talking because the mosquitoes had some kind of lapse in judgment and forgot to feast on us. Tim asked if I'd considered taking down the Obama sign. In fact, I hadn't kept it up as a political statement, although every time I've seen it since last Tuesday night, a little bit of my insides have relaxed some more. Even with serious losses in several states on issues that matter to me (Proposition 8--don't think I haven't been finding ways to protest, even if I haven't been shrieking about it on LJ--letters, e-mails, finding out which products to stop buying from companies that promote and finance intolerance and inequality), I believe better days are ahead. (And I'm bemused that the neocon pundits think information such as in the Charlie Rose Newsweek interview are going to scare me. HELLO? I like my presidents self-aware, intelligent, slow to react, and confident.)


The grass is certainly greener on this side of the fence lately.

And the sign is in the garage now.


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