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December 2nd, 2008 (05:02 am)

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You want to hurt me for the ear worm that is my title, don't you?

A few nights ago, The Brides, Tom, and I went to one of my favorite-memory restaurants, the Ambassador. I first went there with my friend John and some of his friends back in the mid nineties, and ever since, I always order the soup he introduced me to. It's called "sizzling rice" soup. The server combines the crispy rice table-side with a bowl of steaming soup, and the resulting crackle is as fun to hear as the soup is comforting to eat.

Bad me, for letting the shadow of my camera strap fall on my bowl.
I didn't want to reshoot it because Lindsey pointed out that the waitstaff was
lined up watching and laughing at me.
But the soup--it's so good!

On the way to the restaurant, we passed some office buildings in Greenway Plaza that had the most alluring lights twinkling in their massive windows. Lindsey and I talked about going out night-shooting sometime. The next night, I was awake and bored. Since it was the middle of the night, I didn't think Lindsey would appreciate a call. So I took a solitary drive around. That late, the lights were off in the Greenway Plaza building, but I got a lot of shots downtown. Word: Even if one possesses minimal photography skills, with a good camera and a tripod, great photos are possible UNLESS you are a woman alone in the middle of the night. Then you think, Am I INSANE? and get your not-so-great shots on the fly. Still, I'm pleased with several of them and will probably share them over time. This is not my most favorite, but ranks right up there because I love that I was able to capture the movement of the only two people visible in a radius of several blocks.

Since Tim's stocking is not yet hung by the chimney with care (my fault, not his--I haven't asked for it), I'll delay tree photos. Plus I keep finding more ornaments to hang. However, you know it's Christmas at The Compound when the sleighbells appear. Since I didn't decorate last year, I didn't realize that the 2007 and 2008 additions, which upped my total to eighteen, would be two too many for my little tree. I placed those two randomly next to others. Next year, I'll have to find another way to display them. (There is a precedent: In 2006 they looked like this.) This year, they look like this:

I added the tiny ornaments to give them some color, because I remember 2005, too.


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