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December 9th, 2008 (01:53 am)

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I have a print over The Compound fireplace of an original work done by my friend Geoff. It's titled "If Louis Had Been King of Egypt," and it depicts the architecture of the Pyramids meshed with characteristics of the lavish Palace of Versailles. Back in June, I was given a sketch that I think will make a good companion piece for it. The second artist titled his work "The Cherished Hour."

Recently, as I've trudged through the massive task of taking care of things I've neglected since October 2007, I found the new (to me) sketch where I'd carefully put it away. As of today, it's matted and framed. I won't detail all the ways this piece appeals to me so as not to influence your perceptions. I'm sorry the lighting is so bad, but I was attempting to keep the flash from bouncing off the glass.

You can click that, of course, to make it bigger, and click it again to make it HUGE. But I'd particularly like to draw your attention to a detail in the bottom left corner (below, and also clickable for better viewing). "The Cherished Hour" was sketched in November 2000, long before LJ Runway Monday came along. Some of you may remember a certain design of mine that received MUCH derision from the judges. What I'm wondering: Is it possible that an infamous resident of Versailles actually said, in kindness to the fashion-deprived, "Let them have capes?"


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