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You know how it sometimes seems a day can't get any better...

December 30th, 2008 (12:10 am)

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...and then it does?

Today I managed to accomplish every goal I set for myself. While I was doing it, I got to speak by phone to Lynne, Marika, my sister Debby, my friend Debbie, Jim--I feel like I'm leaving out someone, but at age thirty-five, a memory lapse or two is to be expected. I've missed calls from Timmy and Amy, but we'll catch up soon.

I took some photos that you can see after the cut.

Some Christmas presents:

This Top Model Resort Barbie wasn't easy to find. Now that I received one, I'll probably spot them everywhere. I think she's very fetching, and I like what she brings to the shoe collection.

You may be a Rosie hater or a Rosie lover, but what's important here is that if I ever do another LJ Runway competition and the challenge is a plus-size model, Rosie and I say, "BRING IT!"

Lynne found this Hard Rock Barbie I'd never seen. She has the same "Muse" body mold as the Top Model Barbies. She, too, may be modeling some future design of mine. You're holding your breath, right?

I hope Lindsey gets to read LJ on her trip and sees:

Hard Rock Barbie's shoes. Sweet!

It wasn't totally a Barbie Christmas, and I need to move on to one of my best gifts of all. I got to see my beloved friend James and his Mister, Peter. This was my first time to meet Peter. He was a big hit with everyone at The Compound. Like, for example:

Rexford G. Lambert, who hurdled James to give Peter some dog lovin'.

I should have asked Tim to show James similar enthusiasm, but at least they are all smiles:

Monday was a great day full of the affection of friends and dogs. Just when I thought I'd had all the good moments possible, Tom found:


Do you know what this means? There's hope that one day, the push puppet lion may return to me from the Becky World Vortex.

My posting may be sporadic over the next few days, but I'll be reading. In case I don't say it before, the happiest of new years to you all. Don't drink and drive, please.


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