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January 16th, 2009 (03:43 pm)

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A few years ago, someone in Tom's family gave him this jigsaw puzzle for Christmas.

I'd forgotten about it until this past Christmas, when his sister J. got a similar one, and everyone complained about how hard it is to put together. When we got home after our holiday traveling, I dug ours out of the window seat. I set about doing the edges, which was a LOT harder than I expected.

Tim likes jigsaw puzzles, so he began putting pieces together. Then Tom got into the act. Last night, Rhonda and Lindsey came over. Lindsey decided the puzzle was the devil, although she successfully managed to put six pieces together. Rhonda felt like her brain had worked enough for the day, so she shunnnnnned the puzzle. However, major progress was made on the edges by Tim and Tom while The Brides were here, then later, while I was looking for a Photo Friday picture, Tom and Tim, with little fanfare, finally ended up with this:

Yay, it's done! But I've found another way to lure our friends to The Compound:

Yup, the chiminea is waxed, seasoned, and in business.

I think marshmallows, Starbucks, and fireplace tongs are in our not-too-distant future.


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