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January 18th, 2009 (06:37 pm)

current mood: sad know I don't do well with dog death. This is why, if a dog is a character in a book or a movie, my friends pre-read or pre-screen for me, or give me a "dead dog disclosure." It's why, one year when Timmy did not pre-read a book he gave me, after I finished it, I took a photo of my tear-and-mascara-stained face, then e-mailed the photo to him with a simple, "Thanks!" much to his remorse. (Don't worry. I've forgiven you, Timmy.)

It's why, when Lynne had bad news to deliver last week, she freely admitted to being a coward and calling Tim so he could tell me instead of calling me herself.

Though I'm sad that a wonderful dog has left our lives, there's so much to be grateful for. We'd never have known him if his previous family hadn't encountered a challenge. As much as they loved him and wanted him, their baby was severely allergic to him. Jess and Laura, even with two large dogs already in their home, made room for this gentle giant. They chose to keep him when their own newborn complicated logistics, although there was another home willing to take him. Laura said she just couldn't let him go through another displacement.

So he stayed. He was nothing but good. Nothing but loving. Nothing but kind. In spite of his size and his big bark, he had the sweetest of natures. His name, which he already had when he came to Laura and Jess, is one of my favorite names. I've used it for two characters--one in an unpublished novel, and one in a just-published novel.

In his last hours, Lila played with him, laughing, falling on him, and burying herself in his thick coat. He loved the attention and understood that he was her guard and protector as well as her playmate. He embodied everything that is good and noble about dogs in general and his breed--bullmastiff--in particular.

Sam, you will be missed.


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