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An unexpected bonus

January 22nd, 2009 (05:19 pm)

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Sometime in December, I carelessly broke three of my glasses. Over our twenty years of marriage, Tom and I have naturally lost dishes to breakage, but probably never three at one time. Since the traditional twentieth anniversary gift is china, last June he replaced a half-dozen bowls in our china pattern. I figured it was a year when an appropriate Christmas gift to myself would be bringing our iced tea and claret wine stemware back to a dozen each.

I was pretty sure I could find the glasses online. Fostoria has been around a long time, and mine is a fairly common pattern. I was delighted to find Replacements, Ltd., who not only sells my glasses and more than 300,000 other dinnerware patterns, but they have them at different price levels. If your dinnerware is older (as my glasses are), Replacements, Ltd. often stocks older pieces that will better match yours--and at a reduced price. Perfect!

I was completely pleased when I received my order. After mixing them in with my older glasses, I can't pick out the new ones.

I'm not getting paid for this endorsement, and normally I wouldn't bore you with it. Who cares about my dishes, right? BUT--what I do care about, and I hope you do, too, is what kind of companies I do business with. Located in Greensboro, NC, Replacements, Ltd. was founded by Bob Page in 1981 with just fifteen patterns. And today, I found out that Replacements, Ltd. is a Bronze Level National Corporate Sponsor of the Human Rights Campaign. This means a company has shown a commitment to improving the lives of LGBT Americans in the workplace by scoring 85 percent or higher on HRC's Corporate Equality Index.

The Compound follows a tight budget, and replacing those glasses was a luxury. It makes me feel good to know our dollars went to a company that supports a fair workplace. The names of other companies with a high CEI can be found here.



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