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The Night of Birthdays in Photos

January 29th, 2009 (04:48 pm)

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Hmmm. This looks like the Leaning Tower of Cake. But it wasn't really leaning. Nor were we on board a listing Love Boat, hearts notwithstanding. We were at The Compound. Clearly, I don't know how to hold my camera. Monday was Lindsey's birthday, so this is the heart cake I made for our celebration Tuesday night.

Note the nod to Mally the Duck among her gifts. I was initially calling this one Mally, as well, but I think his name is Honor. At least I heard someone--maybe Rhonda?--say, "Honor the Duck."

Lindsey takes a very zen approach to birthdays.

Tuesday was Rex's eighth birthday. He actually thought all the fuss was about him. Rex takes a very tongue-on approach to birthdays.

Dinner was an experiment: vegetarian lasagna made by me instead of Stouffer (for once). Everyone seemed to think it was good. I was actually more impressed with my firemaking. It was the perfect fire on a cold night (no shirtsleeves this time, Lisa, except for me, and I was practically sitting INSIDE the chiminea).

Sugar was fascinated with the little sparks that occasionally rise out of the chiminea.

Tyson stayed out of trouble by eating a stick.

For Marika: Tom holding a sleeping Guinness as a companion shot to a previous post's fireside shot with Tom and Margot.

Lindsey holding Rex, Tom holding Guinness, Rhonda holding Sugar, and Tim holding Tyson, to keep dogs from dogs and dogs from fire and dogs from camera.

Where's Margot? Emo Dog found a place in the underbrush from which to watch us and mentally compose poetry about the cruelty and pain of having a family who adores her. Oh, the suffering.

By the way, there's a chiminea song. All you have to do is listen to this and replace the obvious word in the title with "chiminea." You'll thank me, I know.


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