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February 6th, 2009 (11:18 am)

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Some of you may remember that dark time in 2007 when Tim was in the hospital. Well, now at a hospital near me, it's a RETURN ENGAGEMENT!

Thursday Tim was in a lot of pain in his chest/back, just like the other time. Enough pain that I left the toilet brush IN THE TOILET mid-cleaning and drove him to the hospital. One chest tube and lots of morphine later...

Lindsey stayed at the hospital and Tom came home from work, meeting me so we could finish getting The Compound ready for Greg's arrival. Then I joined Lindsey at the hospital, where I was able to see Tim very briefly in ER Holding Hell. After they kicked us out until eight p.m., I came back to The Compound--Greg pulled up two minutes after I got here! Good timing.

Rhonda arrived shortly after Lindsey (who'd made a side trip to get Sugar's food), all dogs were fed and watered, we ate dinner, then I went back to the hospital, where I got twenty minutes with Tim. I was prepared to stay until the next visiting hours at eleven, but fortunately, they were able to find him a room at around nine p.m. MUCH better than the 3 a.m. move in 2007.

This morning the doctors woke him up while doing their rounds. Fuzziness from sleep and morphine, along with the doctor's rapid delivery, ensured that Tim has almost no idea what they told him about his condition. He may or may not have a collapsed lung. They may or may not be taking the tube out. A thoracic surgeon may or may not arrive later to talk about surgical options.

So clearly, I need to get the hell up there and find someone with answers. When I have them, you can be sure I'll update here. I know there's a lot of love for Tim out there. There's a lot of love for him in Houston, too, including from Rex's attorney Laura, who was trading texts with a doped up Tim mere minutes after his chest tube procedure. She cracked me up when she said that Tim may have beaten her record of texting thirty minutes after her baby was born.

I wouldn't be able to manage everything without support from Tom, Lindsey, Rhonda, Greg, and Lynne here, and Marika and Jim by phone. THANK YOU. You might consider keeping up with Tim as he texts to his Twitter account.

And for you Houston people, you'd be crazy not to be at Greg Herren's signing for Murder in the Rue Ursulines at 4:30 p.m. Saturday at Murder By the Book. Tim's seat will be empty--you should fill it!

Scout's Honor is also presenting all kinds of wonderful dogs and cats at their adoption day at 1230 Heights Boulevard (between 12th & 13th Streets) from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday. Tim had planned to be at this event, too. I know he's upset not to be able to take Tyson and give him the chance to find a good forever family. He'd appreciate anyone showing their support for this incredible organization who does so much to care for and place these beautiful animals.


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