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One of us is home at last

February 10th, 2009 (09:29 pm)

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Tim is doing well post-surgery. He'll be in intensive care overnight and hopefully back in a room tomorrow.

That's the most important information, and as I sit here eating the beef stroganoff Tom had ready when I arrived home, I'm not sure what I want to say next.

Yes, I am.

I saw Tim mere minutes after he emerged from anesthesia after surgery. He was in pain and could barely talk, but he managed to communicate a couple of things. (Sorry; some stuff is private.)

Then his surgeon came to tell him how well the operation went. She stepped away to write orders in his chart, and he began frantically signing something onto my hand. I don't know sign language. I finally lifted the oxygen mask and asked him to tell me, in spite of his sore throat from the removal of the breathing tube, what he was trying to say.

"THANK her," he said faintly but firmly.

That right there is why so many people love and admire Tim.

To follow his example, thank YOU. All of you who've been so worried about him. Who've texted and called and e-mailed. Who've done so much for him and me. Whether your words express what you've done as positive thoughts, well wishes, prayer, positive energy, good vibes--knowing you're sending that his way is just as vital to his spirit as good medicine is to his body.


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