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The best little hospital room in Texas

February 14th, 2009 (11:59 pm)

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I did a lot of napping Saturday because I needed it. I was hoping to get "that" call from Tim: the one in which he said, I'M FREE! PICK ME UP! Sadly, it didn't come. But he did spend several hours today without having his chest cavity suctioned and seemed to respond well. Maybe tomorrow they can take out the chest tubes and release him.

Meanwhile, Tyson is having a slumber party weekend. Another potential forever family wanted him to spend a couple of days with them to see how they get along together. As before, this is bittersweet. Tyson is such a freaking adorable dog that while I want him to find the perfect home, not having him here is sad, too. Hopefully if they do decide he's right for them, Tim will be able to see him later so they can have a proper au revoir moment.

Rexford and Tyson

It was a kind of weird Valentine's Day. Tom did maintenance-type stuff in Tim's apartment. Then while I went to spend the evening with Tim in the hospital, Lindsey came to The Compound to give Rhonda some good snoozing alone time because she's so sick. Thus Tom and Lindsey ate dinner together. When I asked Tom if Rhonda and Lindsey were disappointed about Valentine's Day, he told me Lindsey said every day's like Valentine's Day for them. I thought that was pretty sweet. Me: I'm grateful for days when nothing much happens around here except hanging out without mosquitoes, hurricanes, heat waves, trips to the people or animal ER, or palmetto bugs.

Tom sent Tim a card and some chocolate, and I got him a puzzle for us to work on when he gets home. I'll save a photo of that for later. I also took Tim a surprise visitor dressed in sexy Valentine's Day finery.

Dolly sits on Tim's knee and says, "Hey, ever'body!"

Nothing says Backwoods Barbie like a giant hospital urinal in the background.

Dolly's fabulous shoes provided courtesy of Mark G. Harris.


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