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Red Carpet Time Delay

February 22nd, 2009 (11:59 pm)

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Originally, LJ-TV meant to bring you the glittering arrival of celebrities to the red carpet at the 81st Annual Academy Awards. Beautiful Lupita Fernandez, Latin singing sensation and star of Mexican telemundo Rebelde, was poised to interview all of your favorite stars of the big screen.

Looking resplendent in Oscar gold, Lupita was unaware that another reporter a few steps away was about to launch a live television disaster. Lupita called out the name of a new arrival to the red carpet.

Cameras quickly turned to catch sensational Mattel Top Model Summer leaving her limousine to the cheers of the crowd.

Who is she wearing?

Becks, of course! Dark blue lace with sapphires from Becks' personal collection adorning her throat.

Against the blinding lights of the paparazzi, Lupita hurried to Summer's side to ask for an interview. Summer graciously agreed, and they walked to the red carpeted stairs.

Still waving to Oscar's fans.

Unfortunately, pictures are all LJ-TV can bring you. Because of a certain Top Model Pottymouth whose initials are Figaro, all pre-Oscar telecasts went to an hours-long time delay. By the time we could have brought you audio, Meryl Streep was already getting drunk at an after party with Frank Langella, Sean Penn was offering to slug Jennifer for Angelina, and Hugh Jackman was last seen trying to outrun Marisa Tomei as she yelled, "I challenge you to a lapdance-off!"


Mickey Rourke has just volunteered to drive someone to rehab.


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