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Day 2, Note 3 from a Slug: Lots of Birthdays

March 4th, 2009 (11:43 pm)

current mood: bittersweet

My mother would have been 83 today, March 4. Last year, when she got her cancer diagnosis, she hoped she'd make it to her birthday. On March 4, I was making cupcakes for her when she decided that she was ready to leave her apartment for the last time. She was transported to hospice for a couple of days, then went into the care home where she lived for almost three more months. And that night, Tom, Rhonda, Lindsey, and Kathy went with me to deliver her cupcakes.


2005, 2006, 2007

Mother shares her birthday with rain_wolfe and my writing partner tjbtimmy. Happy birthday!

Timmy and me at a signing in 2006

These birthdays come in the middle of a LOT of birthdays. My friend Ken, our friend Kenneth (KK!), Tom's sister KT, and a couple of real cutie pies:

great-niece Amelia and nephew John

Happy birthday to our literary agent Alison, and internationally to n8an in Canada and my lifelong friend Debbie in Sweden.

On the eighth, I'll be wishing our friend Robin a happy birthday. But I'll be missing this birthday guy just like I do every day (and I stole this photo from the MySpace page of one of his best friends and band mates):


Coming up on the twelfth, I'll also miss my friend Tim R on his birthday, but I'll celebrate the birthday of one of the best people in my life:

My nephew Josh.

I'll get to more birthdays later in the month. This has been a lot of celebrating for a simple slug.


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