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April 2nd, 2009 (11:50 am)

current mood: nostalgic

This is one of the best gifts my parents ever gave me. I'm not sure what year they gave it to me--this is a ninth printing of the fourteenth edition. I think it was a Christmas gift.

It was the starting point for many essays I wrote in college. A reference to help me jump start literary criticism from time to time. I used it to find quotes that illustrated my points in letters to friends (I used to be a voluminous letter writer; whereas I once hoped people would save my letters, now I fervently hope they disposed of them). It was my ally in composing cleverly subversive screen savers on my monitor when I was a corporate drone. Along with some other references, it's helped me pair the thoughts of the brilliant and the famous with photos right here on this LiveJournal from time to time.

I see that it's in its seventeenth edition now. I suppose I could update my library so I could access quotes from more modern and contemporary thinkers. But I have such affection for this physical book and can't imagine getting rid of a happy connection to my parents. This is another of the times that I can see the value of Kindle. I could have the newest version, and it wouldn't nudge my old companion off of its shelf space.


If you own any of the books in the opposite side bar and would like them signed, mail them to:
P.O. Box 924104
Houston, TX 77292
Please include three dollars for return postage. Thank you.

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