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April 3rd, 2009 (10:58 pm)

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Friday was one of those days when I did so many varied things that I feel like I never caught my breath. I even had a post planned, but not only didn't I have time to write it, I haven't read all my e-mail today, I'm not sure I've ever pulled up Facebook or Twitter, and I haven't checked out most of my daily online reads.

I really like Dexter, Tim's foster dog of this week (and maybe longer; who knows). He's Tyson's brother, and half the time I call him Tyson. I also call him Baxter, Butcher, and any other word that pops into my mind. In all the dogs' best safety interests, Tim's been keeping him somewhat sequestered. I was working on my craft project outside, and the day was gorgeous, so I didn't feel like sticking the dogs indoors. I decided it was a now-or-never kind of thing, and let Dexter and Rex be free outside together, now that they've had a few days to get used to sharing space. They had a blast, thank goodness, but I was ready should they have needed some intervention. Since it went so well, I let Margot and Guinness join them outside. Margot gave him her standoffish treatment, and Guinness had to bark at him occasionally. Neither dog fazed him. He has too many other things to explore to worry about a couple of cranky females. Like--oh joy! He and I stumbled onto a murder scene. The victim was a bird, and we must have almost caught the killer just after the act. There were feathers everywhere. My money's on Sniper Cat, the one who sits on Tim's roof.

All the dogs kept me company while I worked outside. Then later, inside, Dexter and Rex traded a bone back and forth without getting mad at each other. Dexter and I played tug-of-war with a rope toy. He sits when asked, but is still learning to lie down and come when called. Once Tom and Tim were home for the evening and we were ready to eat dinner, Tim brought both Rex and Dexter over, which was a first. I'm sure he was happy; he hates being left alone, as did Tyson. I believe Tim said they were neglected as puppies, so that makes sense. Hopefully he'll find his ideal forever home, just the way Tyson and EZ did.

This weekend is going to be hectic, with all of us having obligations pulling us in different directions, but I'm hoping to find time to do that post--with photos of the now-completed Mystery Project. I hope everyone else has a fun and relaxing weekend planned and/or gets over their various illnesses.


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