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April 7th, 2009 (02:32 am)

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As many of you know, my 200-plus members of the Barbie family are individually wrapped in tissue and stored in my attic. This is because I'm not Anne Rice and can't afford to buy and restore an old orphanage to house and exhibit my doll collection. On the day that I can purchase such a place, if it's anything like St. Elizabeth's, I'm moving in first. The dolls and I will then negotiate.

In the meantime, I need to keep some of my dolls at hand. By all accounts, the dispute over Project Runway has been settled, and the most recent season will finally air this summer on Lifetime. I don't know if Mark G. Harris, Timothy J. Lambert, or anyone else will be interested in doing PR's weekly design challenges for the Mattel Top Models. Even if we don't, I still enjoy designing for special events (the Oscars) and holidays. But the dolls and everything they need were overunning my office and cluttering the Spoil Debby and Sometimes Lisa Guest Suite.

I needed a more organized solution. Lindsey and I were shopping in Texas Art Supply one day when we found a wonderful kit for youngsters who might be interested in sewing and designing for dolls. I didn't get the kit, but it did inspire a PROJECT.

After some shopping around, I found this cabinet, deeply discounted, at Michael's:

It's divided into three cubes:

With some input from Lindsey and Lynne, Craft Queens, I decided to paint one long side black, for use as a runway:

And the other long side red, for use at red carpet events:

With a brightly contrasting color on one end, and a glamorous gold on the other end, to serve as backdrops for models:

When I began planning the interiors, the models wanted to check out how they looked against patterns, wallpapers, and flooring, and approve the final designs.

Evolution of Room 1:

Evolution of Room 2:

Evolution of Room 3:

The cubes can be used as photography backdrops, changing rooms, fitting rooms, lounges, clothes storage, and doll storage.

I've also been trying to organize the fabrics that Tim and I have collected. Here, the Wall of Many Fabrics is presented by Top Model Teresa:

And of course, we still have the Bluefly Accessories Wall:

Playing with dolls is NOT just for kids anymore.


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