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It's not easy being one.

April 9th, 2009 (06:15 pm)

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As I mentioned, Miss Lila turned one on March 29, but she didn't celebrate the occasion with her public until April 4. Tom and I were lucky enough to get invited to this event. Unfortunately, I committed a faux pas by aligning myself with the paparazzi. Lila immediately expressed her displeasure and spent the rest of the evening making sure that in every shot I got, I captured her serious side. She doesn't want anyone thinking she's one of those vacuous socialites always getting their faces and other body parts plastered on the tabloid covers.

She has things to read and places to go.

She has fashion choices to make.

There are culinary matters that require her attention.

And maybe, just maybe, if she has time, she might give me a hint of her smile.


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