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Monday morning you sure look fine

April 20th, 2009 (09:30 am)

current mood: sleepy

Sitting here all haggard and bleary-eyed after a serious lack of sleep. A certain dog whose initials are Guinness was having some kind of issue that meant she paced or walked in circles all night. She was still doing it this morning, but now seems to be okay. I'll keep an eye on her today, just in case. What I don't get is: WHY do dogs always get actin'-crazy-sick in the middle of the night, forcing a refrain of emergency vet? wait it out? emergency vet? wait it out? to run through people's minds for hours when they should be sleeping?

Guinness's ordeal gave me time to look over some of my favorite photos and think of some of my favorite moments from last week. Even though I was sick most of the week (nobody took me to the emergency vet, either), it was still a good time.

This is just a photo I took while I was downtown watching the mad rush at the post office on tax day. Houston is a fun city to shoot at night, because though we have skyscrapers, there's lots of space between them.

It was a week of wonderful things for some friends. venusunfolding moved into his new home with Matt. I'm looking forward to photos as they get settled in. And I'm wondering if our torrential rainstorms over the weekend made their move a soggy adventure.

davidpnyc finished his MFA thesis! One day I'm sure I'll be buying the novel that will come out of it. Congratulations again, David.

Lila looks like quite the little rock star in these glasses that the Easter bunny brought her. Lynne got some great photos of Lila eating her chocolate rabbit, but my favorite image of the day was when Lila got her first swallow of a Diet Coke. Her eyes got all big, she immediately wanted more, and Laura shook her head and said, "Crack in a bottle." We Southern girls do love our Coke, and after all, Lila's grandmother was born in Atlanta, home of Coca Cola.

I really like this photo that I shot at Green Acres. It's mother, son, and grandbaby sitting on the swing. Jess is holding Lynne's parasol over her and Lila. It's a sweet moment to have captured from a distance.

My Barbie Easter photo shoot was also done at Green Acres. This photo is probably my favorite. I could have taken dozens of great shots in Lynne's gorgeous yard, but the sun was fierce so I had to escape to the shade.

If last week's phone call with my sister had me giggling, it's another phone call that still cracks me up because of where I was when it took place. Normally I don't keep my phone with me at the gym, but I was expecting a call from Tim. Instead, I ended up in a tantalizing conversation with a friend about a new Someone Special in his life. Fortunately, nobody else was in the locker room, so I got to ask all the nosy questions I wanted to--and nobody saw me with a phone in the steam room.

Lucky for y'all, there are NO photos of me at the gym.

I did get a shot I like of all fourteen of The Compound's Mattel Top Models. It's a contrast to a bizarre postcard I got from my friend James that he picked up at what he called a "hip restaurant in Phoenix." I don't even know how to describe the postcard photo: I guess Barbie-as-lab-specimen. Creepy and funny.

Lately, all I want to do is sew for these Top Model dolls. It's very relaxing. However, I DO have an idea for a new novel. It's going to be something different for me, and all week long, I was mentally writing and rewriting my first paragraph and figuring out my characters' backstories. I think I'm ready to start writing it this week. Wish me luck!

Sunday after the gym, I needed to pick up something at Texas Art Supply. I was really focused on what I was looking for, so I was only vaguely aware of a man in the next aisle suggesting something to do or buy, then I heard his female companion shoot him down with, "Or not!" Boy, that sounds just like a conversation between Tom and me, I thought. Then I rounded the corner and it was Tom and Lindsey. It was a total coincidence that they were there with Rhonda looking for a crafts project for the afternoon.

I'll let Lindsey and Rhonda decide if they want to publish photos of their clay creations. Tom ended up with a polar bear, a seal, and a mermaid. Most people know that I haven't been a big fan of the mermaid since Disney's Ariel. Don't worry. You'll never hear me say she SENDS THE WRONG MESSAGE TO CHILDREN, 'cause you know I despise that phrase. She just sent the wrong message to ME, so suck it, Ariel. You are bear and seal food.

I got my own little craft project done, then it was fun to hang out with The Brides, Tom, Tim, and all the dogs. Sugar and Rex played hard. Even Margot seemed to have a good time.

Since Sugar Mondays seem to have gone the way of Dash Haiku, here's a photo I got for her fans of Sugar peeking around the table at me. She seems a little concerned. I don't know. Maybe she's a Mermaid Advocate?


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