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Tuesday rambling

May 6th, 2009 (01:08 am)

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I know Tuesday is over in my time zone, but this was my planned Tuesday post so you get what you get.

First, what happened to TJL's Tuesdays With Rexford? After MGH scared me with a photo of that Killer Beast everyone calls "Joey" in some attempt to make him seem harmless, I think I deserved a Rex photo. Though I'll bet Tim wouldn't have told you that Rex has salmon skin breath.

Second, "they" say change is good. I decided to test that theory. When I got up Tuesday morning, I did what everyone with a bladder that's turned 35 a few times does. As I struggled with the toilet paper in my half-awake state, I finally figured out that it was a new roll and had to be pulled apart, but Tom had put it on UNDER instead of OVER. "This is JUST WRONG," I muttered. Then I thought that I should learn to be more flexible, so I left it as it was. All day long, it made me twitch to know the toilet paper was under. Finally, Tuesday night, I bragged to Tom that I'd stayed strong. The toilet paper was still hanging under. Whereupon he said, "Then I'M changing it. I didn't know I put it on that way, and it's JUST WRONG." This is why marriages endure.

Also Tuesday, I exchanged several e-mails with Tom's mother. She was sharing details of a trip she's taking soon, and she mentioned that her parents are partially paying for this vacation. Since her father died in 1963 and her mother died in 1981, naturally I was all, ¿por qué (it was Cinco de Mayo, after all). As it turns out, a relative told her that her name was on a "missing money" list in her home state. It seems her parents had those old nickel-a-month insurance policies to benefit each of their kids if the parents died, and after all these years, Tom's mother claimed her money and got a check. How cool is that?

On a whim, I entered my name into the national missing money data base and got nothing. Tom, on the other hand, will be getting a check for almost TWENTY DOLLARS that a business apparently overcharged him in the past. He said he'll use this windfall to see the new Star Trek movie. It'll take every penny, as I found out the last time I treated myself to a movie (Confessions of a Shopaholic--cute; love the books, but should've waited for the DVD. But I was hot that night and needed a diversion in a cool theater). Date night must really hit the wallets of teenagers' parents. Yikes!

Finally, I leave you with this list I found called "Bad Songs By Good Bands." Feel free to comment with outrage or applause.

20. "Rapture," Blondie
19. "Who Are You?" The Who
18. "Stand," R.E.M.
17. "November Rain," Guns N' Roses
16. "Beverly Hills," Weezer
15. "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," Aerosmith
14. "Just Can't Get Enough," Depeche Mode
13. "Rape Me," Nirvana
12. "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover," Paul Simon
11. "Bullet With Butterfly Wings," Smashing Pumpkins
10. "Roses," Outkast
9. "I'll Be You," The Replacements
8. "Beth," Kiss
7. "Brass Monkey," Beastie Boys
6. "Discotheque," U2
5. "Dancing in the Dark," Bruce Springsteen
4. "American Life," Madonna
3. "Kokomo," Beach Boys
2. "Radio Ga Ga," Queen
1. "Should I Stay or Should I Go," The Clash


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