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Photo Friday, No. 148

May 22nd, 2009 (01:41 am)

Current Photo Friday theme: Shiny

Fool's Gold: Turning Sixty
(for Dave Kelly)

Things begin to leave me.
Memories too.
It's o.k. though.
And time that gave
now seems so rich
so poignant and so cruel.
The language of leaves
is a barely audible
shout. And a strange
comfort. They say it's
not what you see
but where you look
that matters.
The residue of my days
could be bright nuggets
in my sieve, or
I could be merely
dreaming. Fool's gold
might be all there
is, but a fool and
his gold are not
easily parted
and I keep
an open mind.

Eugene Stelzig

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