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New Orleans Notes, No. 4

May 23rd, 2009 (03:07 pm)

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There's a reason why cameras were made: for touchingly funny moments like this one.

We'd finished dinner at Margaritaville and were getting ready to leave when Lindsey and Mike suddenly shared an impromptu dance.

Before the long Saints and Sinners weekend, of those who would be present, only Greg, Marika, and Lisa had ever met The Brides in person. Marika, Tim, and I knew that was about to change, but we kept the secret, so Lindsey and Rhonda's arrival in New Orleans on Thursday night took the others by surprise. Less than twenty-four hours later, it was as if 'Nathan, Dan, David, Michael, Jeffrey, Mike, and Rob had known them always.

Here's my version of the now infamous "Last Supper" shot.

Mike, Rhonda, Jeff, Lindsey, Lisa, Marika, Tim, Michael, 'Nathan, David, Dan, Rob


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