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Happiness and joy on May 26

May 26th, 2009 (12:36 am)

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currently hearing: Stevie Nicks--Rooms on Fire

Happy birthday, Stevie Nicks! And Lenny Kravitz! And...somebody...somebody...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMOTHY J. LAMBERT! You are simply the best. I hope you have a terrific day (in spite of the fact that you know frivolity awaits you in the evening). I can't promise a food fight like last year, but there's bound to be a bit of crazy along with everything else.

I have now discovered the key to getting a photograph in which both of us look happy and have our eyes open. We must always pose with Jeff and Mike. And really, who WOULDN'T be happy around these two?

Becky, Jeffrey Ricker (making spontaneous-Lindsey-face), Timothy J. Lambert, and my favorite Dr. Pepper, Mike W.

Thanks, Marika, for taking this photo with my camera!


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