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Déjà freaking vu

May 30th, 2009 (09:40 pm)

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Last September, I posted about how I mislaid all the notes I'd made for a third Coventry book. It wasn't so much plot details that I was frustrated to lose, it was all my character names and descriptions. Ultimately, I got the proposal together so I could submit it to my agent and publisher. My editor turned it down--blah blah blah--I'm over that.

I'd started writing a non-Coventry novel on my desktop, for which I made copious notes about place names and details and people names and descriptions in a document that lived on my laptop. I've gotten to a point where I need those notes--and THERE'S NO SUCH DOCUMENT! I've done electronic searches on both computers using key words and phrases--but in the wee hours of the morning, I had to accept it. Somehow, I managed to delete it.

Unless--CONFESS! Which one of you is gaslighting me?

To relax myself so some of those lost details could crawl to shore from my brain swamp, I dragged out a 1964 Simplicity pattern and made Christina Aguilera a new dress. Her name isn't going to stay Christina Aguilera. Do you think she looks like a very special TV character named Blossom? Tom does. From certain angles, she also looks like Sarah Jessica Parker. No way am I naming her Blossom, but I could name her Jess after a character in Three Fortunes in One Cookie (female, though she was named for my by-choice-nephew Jess), or I could name her Sarah for SJP and my niece, although my niece is way prettier than this doll--and prettier than SJP, for that matter.

Or I could pretend I'm Janet Evanovich, only instead of letting y'all compete to name my next book, you can name my doll with a prize to be determined. Maybe I could name a character after YOU in my next book.

Um...what was your name again?


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