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One online project finally up to date

July 30th, 2009 (04:15 pm)

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Back in March, I took a walk through the 'hood and shot some photos. I put most of them into a public Flickr set, Textures/Colors, marking them for some future time when they might be worked into paintings.

My paintings are usually abstract, but most of these incorporate literal elements of what I shot that day.

"Survive": The photo and the painting.

"Smell": The photo and the painting.

"Protect": The photo and the painting.

"Focus": The photo and the painting.

"Construct": The photo and the painting.

All of the photos are now on the One Word Art web site, along with all the paintings I've done since establishing One Word Art in 1997. (I hadn't updated the site since 2007--oops! But now all the 2008-2009 paintings are there.) The canvases are small (most are 4x6 inches, some are 3.5x5 inches). I saw a couple of the paintings that Lindsey matted and really liked the way they looked.

I would LOVE to clear out my stock and make room for more paintings. If you want to start your holiday shopping early, original, one-of-a-kind art is always a good gift. And remember that ten percent of everything I sell goes to an AIDS/HIV assistance organization. If you're interested in any of the paintings, shoot me an e-mail (, and I can link you to larger views of them.

And thanks for browsing or linking to the online gallery.


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