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August 19th, 2009 (03:17 pm)

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According to dog nutritionists, if you want to feed your dog vegetables, you need to break them down into fiber and juice, because dog intestines are too short to have time to do that naturally before they eliminate the veggies. This is why I use the blender to make the veggie cubes we toss in with the Compound Canines' raw meat.

Earlier, I was sitting on the front porch chomping on an individual bag of baby carrots when I realized that three sets of soulful eyes were watching me, haunches planted firmly on the porch; they know they have to sit before getting a treat.

"You won't like it," I told them.

They clearly didn't believe me. It doesn't hurt to give them carrots; they just may get no nutritional value from them. So I finished what I wanted to eat of the carrots. By this time, Margot had joined the other three, so I told her to sit, too. I then gave each dog a baby carrot. Three made a liar out of me (You won't like it). Pixie and Guinness crunched on their carrots with glee. Rex took his out to the sidewalk to savor it in pieces without fear of someone else snatching part of it. And Margot spit hers out and walked away, her disgusted expression conveying, "Nice try. Make my next one beef, please."

While we were enjoying the moment, some asswipe in a truck tore down the street at a ridiculous speed which defied the two stop signs at either end of our block. I desperately wished I were Garp. Which reminded me that I want to read that book again. It's been years.


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