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It's that time...

August 20th, 2009 (05:58 pm)

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Can't wait for Lindsey's opening tonight, and it's also the return of Project Runway. I don't know if anyone else will do the challenges for dolls this year, but as for me...

Designer, models, fabrics: check.

The show has moved to Lifetime. Check your local listings, because tonight, there'll be a two-hour All Stars show featuring previous designers. Then the first episode of the season airs, followed by a new thirty-minute show featuring the models of Project Runway.

Do you love dolls? Like to sew? Have some fabric and sewing notions lying around? Check out the LiveJournal group: LJ Runway Monday.

With a LiveJournal account (it's free! you only pay if you want to upgrade your account), all you have to do is watch Project Runway (on Lifetime or online), complete that week's challenge for one of your dolls, and post a photo of your doll wearing your design to the community. There may be "judges" dropping in to make comments, but there's no win or lose.

All are welcome to submit photos and make comments. See you on the runway!


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