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LJ Runway Monday: Rumble on the Runway (PR 6:3)

September 7th, 2009 (01:55 am)

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In the third episode of Project Runway, the designers were taken to the beach to meet women surfers. They were then asked to create a design inspired by surf fashion. After they'd already begun work, the designers were presented with a surprise challenge. They had to create a second look as a companion to their first--but this one had to be avant garde.

Want to know what I designed? Read on!

One of many great things about the Pacific coast is watching the sun set. For my first look, I picked fabrics that I thought were sunny, fun, wearable, and that provided a glimpse of a colorful sunset. This is how I dressed Mattel Top Model Jessica.

I used fun cotton fabrics in sunny yellow. The top is faintly reminiscent of tie-dyed fabric, and the fasteners at the shoulder made me think of colorful sea life. The skirt has a bubbly pattern and is cut to suggest a wave. The sheer flared part of the skirt is a multi-hued voile that provided the sunset look I wanted.

And finally, if Jessica wears her dress to a party and the guests decide to take a dip, she can remove the skirt to reveal a body suit that hugs her slender body like a wet suit and is pool-friendly.

I was thrilled at the opportunity to design for Mattel Top Model Abby, whose look I think exemplifies "California girl." I picked the ideal fabric for her, a shimmery, aquamarine moiré.

Again, the cut of skirt is meant to suggest a wave. The organza inset of the skirt makes me think of sea foam, and the enhancements at the hemline are meant to suggest iridescent bubbles and silvery seaweed. The bodice repeats the wave and seaweed motifs.

I added pearls to her earrings and pearls to her shoes in honor of those gifts from the sea.

Fire and water--two different looks to bring the ocean to fashion.

I hope you've enjoyed my designs. See you next time on the runway!

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