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Happy birthday to a lucky thirteen!

September 13th, 2009 (12:56 am)

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Happy birthday, Todd, from me and guess who else?

J.K. Cowling at the 1900 Storm Memorial, Galveston, Texas, August 2009

It was on this day last year that Hurricane Ike roared ashore, causing us all kinds of grief. We lost power, tree limbs, roof shingles, and an entire tree at The Compound, but when daylight came, we and our friends and animals were safe, so we had much to be grateful for.

To give you an idea of Ike's wrath, compare my August 2009 photo of that sculpture:

with one taken last year before Ike made landfall:

Photo by Johnny Hanson, Houston Chronicle

Here's Lindsey showing where the water line was in the buildings along the Strand after Ike flooded Galveston.

Even if September 13 isn't always a kind number, it gave the world you and Scooby Doo, so I forgive it. Thank you, Todd, for being born!


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