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Button Sunday

October 4th, 2009 (03:20 am)

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Love this beautiful button.

Tim may be catching a cold, so after eating some matzoh ball soup, he decided to spend a quiet night in the TimLair with Rexford and Pixie. Meanwhile, after a call from Lindsey, it became a spontaneous craft night at The Compound. Lindsey's working on a mixed media piece, and Tom helped by taking apart old floppy disks so she could use their innards. I was finishing my second design for LJ Runway Monday (which I'll post later, of course). This left Rhonda to endure our repeated pleas for her to finish the craft piece that has been waiting in The Compound Guest Suite since another craft night back on April 20.

Rhonda paid us no mind, preferring conversation and occasional Internet checks to find out whether Sunday's fall ball games had been called because of rain.

Then I had to make an emergency trip to Walgreen's because I needed one little thing to finish my design. Lindsey drove me there, and while we were wandering through Walgreen's--because it's impossible not to wander through Walgreen's; I think there may be a hidden automatic sprayer just inside the door, like those deodorizer things in public restrooms, only this one triggers the wandering tendency--Lindsey found a means to coerce Rhonda into getting crafty.

When all else fails, tell someone she either has to paint or she has to wear cow socks TO WORK for the next month. It did the trick. Now Rhonda's clay bear (I call him "Pixie Bear" because his black eyes remind me of Pixie) has been painted, has little black paws, and thanks to some bee stickers I found in my stickers folder, Lindsey's Mysterious Coiled Thing™ was turned into a beehive full of honey for him.

Starbucks, art, and friends. Craft night is silly, fun, productive, and definitely better than war--and catching a cold. Hope you're feeling better, Tim.


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